Thursday, July 18, 2013

I have no Natural Gas - Now What?

The other day, i put up a post titled "Stop Procrastinating". In that post, i stated that i thought my gas had been diconnected because i don't pay my bill on time like i am suppossed to. And i was only turned off because there was a gas leak coming from the main gas lines. Well, as it turns out, that when they came to turn it back on, there seems to be a gas leak coming from my line now. Well, we have been without gas for the past three days.

Now, you are probably wondering, how are you cooking & washing? Well, this is probably where your frugal tips should come in handy. Since we have to wait for them to come inspect everything and try to reroute my lines (supposedly for free, i wonder about that though), we have been making do.

For cooking: We have two electric burners that we bought at H-E-B about 7 years ago for $10 each. That's how we are cooking, one burner for the main dish and the other burner for side dishes, and of course, there is the wonderful world of microwave cooking.

Washing: Since all the other blogs and magazines i read recommend you washing your clothes in cold water, i have no choice but to follow that. I only prefer hot water, well because it kills germs. But since i have to make do without for now, cold water it is.

These are things that we have had to use to make up for lack of gas. Since they are to come today and inspect my lines, we hope and pray that we get it fixed before the weekend. There are always ways to improve your situation, you just have to think about what resources you have on hand and make the best of it.

What have you had to do in these types of situations? I would love to hear what ideas you came up with when faced with an unexpected situation.

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