Sunday, July 7, 2013

Week 1

Here is an update to my Christmas in July Challenge. I decided to clean out the girls room. I managed to pull out a lot of their clothes and a few toys. Most of thier clothes are still in great condition, just have completly outgrown them. I put some of their clothes in a small pile.

I pulled out about 30 pieces of clothing, which consisted of shirts, skorts, pants and regular shorts. I also found some clothing that had a few stains that after washing still didn't manage to come out. So i had to throw them out. It's amazing what kids get stained with!

As far as toys, Hailey (5 years old) still had some toys that she had when she was 2 years old. She happily parted with them. Kat (9 years old), does not really have any toys, basically she has clothes that she has outgrown and Hailey has told me she does not want them because they are not her style. Really, a 5 year old has a style already? Well, in any case, this was my weekend cleaning.

What room did you clean out? What did you decide to keep or get rid of? Let me hear ya!

Come back next post for my Week 2 update!

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