Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ask the Readers

Hello Everyone! I have some questions for you today. I would like to know more about you. I would like to make some posts about everyday topics. I would like to do posts that will help other people by implementing some of the things that you do. So here are some questions that I have.

How many of you work outside the home?

How many of you are stay at home moms or dads?

How do you coupon?

What are your money saving strategies?

Do you work for a direct-sales company, like Avon, Mary Kay, or any other company?

What are some of the ways you cut costs?

Do you meal plan?

Do you freezer cook?

Do you use reward sites?

Are some of you secret shoppers? Which company do you secret shop with? How has that helped you with your income?

Are there any websites that would like to share that some of us don't know about?

Do you homeschool? How does it differ from public school?

Is there something that you paid cash for?

These are all I have for right now. I would like to write some posts that pertain to these topics and how they have helped you. Everyone who shares their stories with me will be recognized as the inspiration of that post. I want to hear your stories, your stories can inspire others to achieve some of their goals. Things that you do can help someone change their lives, their strategies about saving money. So come on and share with me. I cannot wait to hear to your stories!

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