Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Slow Down Challenge

This week I am joining MoneySavingMom.com's Slow Down Challenge .

It's all about slowing down in our hectic lives and learning to appreciate what we have around us, seeing the beauty in everyday things. I know that I am constantly running around, never slowing down, I am always doing something and what does that get me? Tired, frustrated, exhausted, & grumpy.

We need to take time to slow down, take a breath, listen to the rain (when it rains), watch the sunset, sunrise, listen to the sounds around you. Breathe in life itself will help you find balance.

So won't you join me in this challenge and stop to smell the roses with me?

Today's Task:

Walk around your Home, Neighborhood, Workplace, etc., and take the time to breathe in the beauty that you might not have seen, that others have not seen

I will post tomorrow what I saw, what I found intersting and what brought me peace. I would love to hear your comments on what you accomplished, what you breathed in & how it made you feel. I hope this challenge helps you find balance in your life. It's ok to slow down and breathe.

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