Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Movies of the Week

I was trying to do this as a weekly post, but since you can keep Netlix movies as long as you want, we usually keep our movies for about two weeks. So here are our picks for this week, we just got them in on Saturday.

We have Alvin & the Chipmunks Part 1 on DVD, but the girls wanted to see the other two movies, so we put them on the list and they have been watching it all weekend. We decided to watch all three movies together, like a mini-marathon. Me and my husband had not really sat down to watch them all the way through, so we were finally able to watch all three in a row. They are such great movies, great music, and so funny. We had a great time watching them.

Since we have the 3 at a time Netflix plan, we still have the movie "Selena" at home, the girls don't want to return it. I have the movie on VHS, but the VHS machine is broken, so we decided to keep it for a little while longer. I recently saw the DVD for $5.00 at H-E-B, I plan on buying it next week and giving it to them for Christmas.

What have you rented from Netflix lately? What movies have you seen that you would recommend? Let me hear you!

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