Friday, October 4, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Make Your Own Halloween Coloring Book (Day 4)

How do you make your own Halloween Coloring Book for free? It's simple really. If you have a computer and internet, then you are all set. First, if you have a computer, you can check it to see if you any clip art sections that you can use. Alot of computers should still have them in the hard-drive. All you need to do is search for Halloween and it should show you what you have in there and just check the image you want, print and voila! you have a coloring page.

Now, I rely alot on the internet and I have done this project before and my kids loved it. Instead of going to the store and buying all those different kinds of coloring books for Halloween, I decided to just search the internet and print some out. This is what I did.

I went into the internet and searched "free halloween coloring pages", alot of sites popped out and if you just look, you will see sites that catch your eye. I found one site that I really liked, so I went into that one. I printed out one set and just whited out the internet information and ran two sets of copies for each of my girls. Here is what I printed,

Next, I used a three-hole punch to punch holes on the left hand side of the pages. I then put all the pages together and used some prongs that I had leftover from a school project that my daughter did.

I just put them through the holes and fastened them in the back

And now for the finished product!

So there you have it, a fun and free Halloween Coloring Book for your kids that you can get from the internet. I try to do alot of things myself, I love to see the look on my kids faces when I tell them that I did it myself.

Have you made any coloring books yourself? I would love to see what you have done.

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