Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Cooking w/Coupons

Welcome to my new series "Cooking w/Coupons". This series will show you how to cook and bake foods using nothing but your coupons. I will also show you how to save money on your work lunches as well. 

One of the biggest challenges I face each day is, what to eat for lunch. Since I have a full-time job, I am limited to what I can eat during that one hour. I used to spend alot of money going out to McDonalds, Dairy Queen, Church's, Sonic, the list goes on and on (mainly because these places are near my work!). Mostly, I would spend a good 20 minutes just driving and being in line at the drive-thru, so there goes half my lunch hour right there. I finally decided that it was time to cut down. Since I started couponing last year, I no longer go out to eat everyday and I buy microwave meals and/or make food at home and bring the leftovers from home. So to start off the beginning of this series, I am sharing what I had for lunch today. Not only did I not go out to eat, but this meal was bought during my shopping trip from Saturday and I used a coupon. This is what I had

This was so good! I love the Barilla products. They were only $2 at our local H-E-B Plus and I had (2)$1.00 off any Barilla Product coupons. I used both coupons, they came out to $4.00 total and with the coupons I only paid $2.00 which made the meals $1.00 each! So, not only did I not go out to eat, waste my car's gas, & waste time in a drive-thru, I had a delicious $1.00 microwave meal and since my husband works for a beverage company, he came home with free drinks from their employee appreciation week, so no buying drinks at work.

This is just the beginning of this series. I hope you will share what foods you make with your coupons. How do you save money on family dinners and at work?

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