Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Christmas in July Challenge

Christmas is exactly 5 months away!

I am challenging my new readers to join me in my Christmas in July Challenge!

Me and my husband were talking the other night about how our house is overflowing with lots of stuff. What i mean by "stuff" is, the endless piles of our girls clothes, toys, kitchen items, books, movies, the list goes on and on! Oh yeah, all the stuff piled in our storage barn in our backyard. Yikes!

So I said to him "why don't we spend the month of July cleaning out one or two rooms every weekend, going through what we have and having a massive yard sale at the end of the month?"

He said to me "that sounds like a good idea". Of course, my husband usually goes along with alot of my hair-brained ideas to make a little money. Since people are looking for ways to christmas shop early, i figured that a yard sale would be a great way to clear the clutter and make a few bucks towards my own shopping.

So with that settled, i decided to ask my readers to join me, not only in keeping me motivated with my project, but to help you if you are trying to make a few extra bucks, get rid of your clutter and maintain order in your life.

Here is my proposal:

Go through one or two rooms every weekend and see what you can sell, keep, or even donate to a charity. You would be amazed at the amount of stuff you have hidden away. I know i do. Share your accomplishments with me, you don't have to have a yard sale, there are many other ways to go about this challenge. I want to see what other ideas my readers have.

I will update my progress every Monday, so be sure to check back with me to see what i managed to pull out. Don't forget to post your ideas.

Merry Christmas!

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