Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Get Free Magazines

There are a number of Ways 2 Save on your favorite magazines. My ultimate favorite, of course, is www.MyCokeRewards.com

All you need to do is, collect coke caps & fridge packs and head on over to the website, if you don't already have an account, create one!. Enter codes, rack them up and then head over to the rewards catalog tab and see what they have. (Note: You can only enter 120 points per week). I currently have about 5 free subscriptions, which include:

All You - (333 points) I highly recommend you get this one, not only is the reading content great, but they also have higher value coupons within the magazine

People - (475 points) for a 13 week subscription & (949 points) for a 26 week subscription (i have this one).

Woman's Day - (133 points) Another great read

Good Housekeeping  - (141 points) Plus you get the free tote bag!

Family Circle - (133 points)

This is what i currently subscribe to, of course they have way more magazines than this, this is just what i like to read. So if you want to stop paying for your magazines, then start collecting those caps & fridge packs. You don't drink that much Coke? No problem, ask your friends and family if they are willing to keep the codes for you, chances are, they would be willing to if they don't have the time or patience to enter all those codes. Enjoy!

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