Tuesday, July 2, 2013


So my dryer broke during Christmas. So sad, yet so much better. While it turns out that the dryer only needs the heating element replaced, i have refused to buy one & i have refused to buy another dryer.

When i was younger, my mom used to have me help her line dry our clothes (this was before we got a dryer). I loved doing it when i was younger, because, i was having fun helping my mom. After a while, i could not wait for our family to get a dryer, because of was a bit of a chore, being outside in the heat hanging clothes.
So it stands to reason that years later when i married i would never give up on having a dryer. I proved myself wrong. Our house eats up alot of electricity, we live in a frame house that i inherited from my grandparents, and it's getting older so i have had to find ways to reduce our electricity bill.

Well, now that i am older and wiser, i have found that not having a dryer is about the best thing in the world right now. Maybe it's because of this economy that has everyone doing what they can to cut back, even going back to line drying. Or maybe, its because the dryer eats and makes up half your electricity bill. So when it broke, we went to the dollar store, bought some line and clothes pin and have been line drying our clothes since Christmas. Not only do i enjoy line drying now, it gives me some time to myself to think and hang out outside. Plus, the girls love helping me line dry, my 5 year old follows me outside whenever she sees me with the basket and my 9 year old starts a new load in the washer.

Our bill has been reduced dramatically by doing this. It is amazing what a small change like not using your dryer can do to help lower your costs. What did i do while it was still cold outside? I hung the clothes in the laundry room where i have a line running across the room.

So if you would like to cut back a little on your electricity and enjoy the outside for a little while, try not using your dryer, go outside, line dry your clothes, and have some bonding time with the kids.

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