Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Stop Procrastinating

So i came home yesterday and i started washing clothes and cleaning up, then me and the girls went to Stripes to wait for my husband to get there and to get our Free 32.oz drinks along with a chicken. When we got home, i turned on the oven to bake some bread for the chicken, then i noticed that the oven wasn't heating up. Well, i then started to panic! Did i forget to pay the bill? Did i get disconnected? My heart was pumping.

So we went outside to check the meter, our meter sits on our neighbors property because the gas lines run right thru there. When we went outside, our neighbor told us that the gas people came to install his new meter and decided to shut the gas off because they noticed a very prominent leak coming from the lines. Whew! was i relieved.

What's the moral of this story? We need to stop procrastinating and start getting life in order. When i get a bill, i open it, look at the date, toss it, forget about it, then i start running around like a chicken without a head when i get the disconnect notice. Yeah, that's me. Always running around at the last minute. So instead of paying just the regular bill, i am constantly paying the regular bill plus late charges and all those other little charges the companies like to put on there. I have made a decision, that this needs to stop, i need to stop procrastinating. The Way 2 Save here is to pay a bill as soon as it comes in, don't forget about it, don't wait until the actual due date. It might be hard for some, because sometimes the bill can't get paid until after the due date, but there have been times when i get the bill, it falls within the pay week and i put it off until later. If there is a chance you can pay partial, then i say do it, if you can, we have decided to start doing that. It's the only way to get these things under control and to stop paying all those nice little extra charges. In the long run, you will save yourself alot of money.

Are you a procrastinator? What have you done lately that has got you to not be a procrastinator? I would love to hear your comments.

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