Monday, July 15, 2013

Update - Week 2

Welcome Back!

So what did i manage to pull out of the closets this weekend? Well, it was pretty much the same, clothes, clothes, clothes! I cannot believe the amount of clothes my girls have!

Here is what i decided to do:

1. First i gathered every single piece of clothes they have

2. Washed everything so they could be clean and fresh.

3. Seperated long sleeves, short sleeves, pants, shorts, jackets in their own piles and by size.

When all was said and done, I decided that these clothes, while they are still in pretty good shape, my older daughter has outrgrown them and my little one is pretty picky about the hand me downs. I will be selling Hailey's clothes, because she has outgrown those and she is only keeping a few of Kat's clothes. As far as the jackets, the majority of them will be sold, i figured that they only really needed about two good ones, a windbreaker and a heavy duty jacket for the colder days. Shorts and other clothes can still be worn.

In the toy department, there really wasn't that much to pull out, since the girls are getting older they really don't play that much with toys. Mainly, Kat decided to keep a couple of dolls and Hailey is keeping her collection of toy ponys and her tea set.

As for me and my husband, i got rid of alot of t-shirts that he doesn't wear anymore, pretty much, some of them are work clothes, undershirts that are worn out. Threw out his old work shoes, since he gets new ones from the company every 6 months. Threw out some of my clothes. I noticed that when i was using Tide Detergent, because it is so concentrated, the blue color would stain my shirts. I tried washing them and using Shout on them, but the stain stayed, so i had to say goodbye to them. I pretty much just wear my work t-shirts and use my regular clothes for going out.

So I am finally clearing out the clutter. I have decided to start taking some time during the week to get more ahead. I really want to have this yard sale by August. I will next tackle the dresser drawers, the inside of my closet, and the kitchen.

What did you manage to clean out of your house this week? Let me hear ya!

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