Monday, July 29, 2013

Update - Week 4

So, it was another fun filled weekend at our house. All the laundry is complete and, yes, i will practically only have clothes to sell at my yard sale, but that's ok, because winter is coming and i have alot of winter clothes that the girls have outgrown.

Ok, ok, not everything is clothes, but it sure feels like it though. Now, i have managed to go through other rooms in the house. I decided to sell our VHS tapes, i don't know if they will sell, but it's worth a try, there are alot of people that still have VHS machines. I have the VHS/DVD Combo, but the VHS does not play right, so we just use the DVD from time to time. I am not sure if i should sell my cassette tapes, but then again, the goal is to purge everything and since everything is digital, and i have an MP3 player that has all much musci anyways, i will probably try to sell them, the ones that work at least. I have alot of dishes and utensils that are duplicate and i don't use them much, so those might go as well. Everything else, shoes, belts, knick knacks, curtains, pillows, some xmas items that i don't use, and other miscellaneous items will be sold as well. I hope to make a pretty penny. So, i feel that this challenge has helped me in getting my life organized, finding things that i can part with and make a little money to help with other bills was very helpful. I now feel that i am ready to tackle the yard sale come next week, i will post how the yard sale went and what my profit was and what i intend to do with it.

How did this challenge help you? What were you able to clear out? When you cleared out your stuff, what did you do with it? Let me hear ya!

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