Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Where I Get My Coupons

My co-workers usually see me during my lunch hour clipping coupons and are amazed at the amount that i have. They ususally ask me, "where do you get all those?" Well, here is where i get my coupons from.

I buy three newspapers, The Monitor (Sunday $1.50), San Antonio Express (Sunday $2.50) & El Nuevo Heraldo (Friday $.25).  I usually buy about 4 of the El Nuevo Heraldo because of the price and my husband will also buy it for me as well. We started buying the San Antonio Express because they have the same inserts as the Monitor, but for some reason, their inserts have other products in there that the Monitor does not have. What i mean by that is this, S.A. Express has Redplum and the Monitor has Redplum, but the S.A. Express Redplum has more products than the Monitor Redplum, make sense?

Also, I get coupons for free from the Valley Town Crier, since this paper is free to get, i get about 2 to 3 of them, they have the same inserts as the Sunday paper. You can also find coupons at the Library, Speer Memorial Library has a coupon box next to the copier that you can take and share coupons. And last, but not least, the INTERNET! Yes, you can get virturally any coupon, anywhere you want from countless websites and stores, and don't forget to sign up for email subscriptions from your favorite products and restaurants.

So, this is where i get my coupons from. That is why I named my blog, RGVCouponMom, because, i don't do anything, buy anything, or eat anything without a coupon. Yes, i have alot of coupons, and you are probably saying "do you use all of those?", YES, yes i do, the ones that i don't use, go to coworkers or i take them to the library. I hope this helps you in your quest to find great quality coupons and to save your money when shopping.


  1. I have two papers in town that have coupons in them. I always buy the Saturday paper because it's only .75 verses the $2.00 Sunday paper. I'll admit though I don't use even close to all my coupons.

  2. Alexa, thanks for visiting and sharing, what town are you in? Which paper has coupons during the week?

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