Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Slow Down Challenge: Day 1, Stop & Smell the Roses

Well, since I joined this challenge yesterday on MoneySavingMom, I think I am a day behind, I think she started her challenge on Monday, but, better late than never. Yesterday, it started to rain, so I decided to open the door and let the rain air waft through the house and listened to the sound of the pouring rain and then just watched as it rained, my girls got in on the action too. It was so peaceful and relaxing and it made me feel so much better. Sometimes, we overlook the rain, it can make you feel so relaxed.

I also overlooked all the magazines that I had piled up in my bedroom. From all the free subscriptions I get, my room was starting to look like a magazine store. So I took the time to sort through it all. I pulled the articles that I liked and put them in my binder and will be recycling the magazines.

We also took the time to relax with some ice cream that was sitting in my freezer. After dinner, we just sat through a movie and enjoyed it. When you take the time to enjoy what you are eating, it tastes so much better, that is something that people sometimes overlook. When you are in a hurry and just always on the go, eating and actually enjoying the ice cream can make you feel so relaxed and calm.

Well, this is what I did as part of this challenge. Enjoying the rain, smelling it, cleaning my magazines out and then enjoying the ice cream with the kids, these are the little things that we can sometimes overlook. Because we are always on the go that taking the time to enjoy these things makes it hard. But, sometimes you just have to slow down, clear your mind, look at the things that you have overlooked and take some time to enjoy it.

What did you do for this challenge? Share your stories

Day 2 Task:

Savoring What's Before Us

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