Thursday, August 22, 2013

Slow Down Challenge - Day 2, Savoring What's Before Us

Good Morning!

Yesterday, I belive was a great challenge. It was about Savoring Whats Before Us. I took that to mean, exactly what it means. Yesterday, I just got home from work, savoring my house, the sounds of my kids getting snacks, listening to the sound of my A/C. I guess I was savoring my house, and how it's full of life.

We didn't really have dinner per say, we just all pretty much, made our own dinner, everyone wanted something different. So me and the girls had hot dogs and my husband made cheese sandwiches. We just all sat down and enjoyed ourselves, talking, laughing about our day and just savoring the moment. I enjoyed watching the girls get their own plates, cups, drinks. Just watching them do their own thing is what I savor the most, because they are growing up and doing their own thing these days. I just savored everything around me, my family, that's what I savor the most. Alot of times, we are just rushing through dinner, because the girls want to watch t.v. But, yesterday, everyone just stopped and listened, laughed and did their own thing, but in a way, we did it together. I don't know if that makes sense to you, but it does to me.

When dinner was done, we watched the movie "Selena". I rented it off of Netflix. That was a great time, because not only were they learning about her, they were also enjoying the music. That was also a great learning experience. They were asking me so many questions about her. I was savoring their quest for knowledge. It was so great.

Later that night, I decided to listen to my MP3 player, put a cool washcloth over my eyes to relax them and just breathed in and out. I get such enjoyment from listening to my music that I can free my mind and just be me. No one bothers me and I can savor the moment, focus on the lyrics of the song. Those are the times that I love also, because, when I hear the music, nothing else matters, bills, work, cleaning, etc. I can just be free.

I really enjoyed this day's challenge. I feel so great right now. Every once in a while, we have to stop, take a look around us and just breathe in everything, savor the sight and sounds and ask yourself "what can I savor today?"

What did you savor today? Let me hear you.

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