Friday, September 20, 2013

A Post I am Following: How to Make a Homecoming Mum

It's that time of the year again, HOMECOMING! I remember the days when I was a cheerleader and the excitement of Homecoming weekend. That special time, when alumni held their reunions and rode out in the parade, the roar of the pep-rally, bonfires and last, but not least, the Homecoming Dance. With my 20 Year Class Reunion coming up next month, I am reminded of one other tradition that comes along with Homecoming, the Homecoming Mum. Yes, here in Texas we have a tradition, when a guy asks a girl to the Homecoming game and dance, he presents her with a "MUM". It consists of a ribbons, small stuffed animals as a base, lettering and small football toys that you attach to the ribbons and it hangs on clothing secured with pins. My mom gave me one in my Senior Year that actually lite up! It was great. I also received a couple from dates (I still have all of my mums in my closet!). As for the guys, the girls give them a slightly smaller version, a "garter" which the guy wears around his arm.

Here is a picture that I found on the internet. The larger one is the one for the girls and the smaller one is for the guys.

As I was reading some of my faviorite bloggers, Tiffany from, she recently wrote an article on how her sons and his friends made mums for thier dates. The local news station also stopped by to film them. I wanted to share that article with you, because she has some great tips on how to create them without spending too much money. I hope her post helps you in creating your own one-of-a-kind mum. Enjoy!

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