Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 Days of Halloween: Look for Free Halloween Events (Day 16)

Since Halloween has become such a big "Holiday" these days, you might find alot of fun and free things to do in your town if you take the time to look & listen. For instance, our local library will be having a Halloween Costume Contest tomorrow night. I have said it before, the library is one of the best ways to save money and have fun for free. They also have free arts and crafts, you can have your kids to a fun and free Halloween craft, this is what my daughters did last year

I know I have put this picture up before, but it's so cute, I have to share it again, plus, I still have these, they are hanging around the house. They had so much fun doing this craft.

Also, listening to the radio can be a plus. The radio stations are constantly giving away free tickets to Halloween events in the area. The radio station I listen to is doing this right now. Our neighboring towns are having alot of events and are giving the radio station tickets to them. So listen to your local station they will tell you what you need to do to win them.

Check out your local restaurants, they also have fun and free events for Halloween, check their website. If you have a Peter Piper Pizza in your area, they also have free events, you can even go on Halloween night and they have free candy and activities.

Check your local shopping mall. Our local mall has trick-or-treating in certain stores. Head over to the customer service center and ask when they will be doing it and a list of participating stores.

There are alot of fun and free things to do for Halloween! Take the time to check out what your town does and go and have fun!

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