Wednesday, October 16, 2013

CWC: Free Breakfast Taco & 32oz. Drink

Good Morning my wonderful Readers! Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday. This morning I had to stop at Stripes to put gas and while I was there I couldn't help myself, the smell of the breakfast tacos was calling me. So, I went through my purse, pulled out my Stripes coupons and got myself a free breakfast. Yes, it was free!

I used the "Free Original Breakfast Taco" and the "Free 32oz. Drink" coupons. If you remember from my last post "Eating at Stripes" I put a picture of the coupons that I got from my bank. I didn't eat breakfast at home this morning and decided that since I was already there putting gas, I would get myself a free breakfast. Don't you just love coupons? I know I do. It's amazing what you can get with coupons.

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