Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Our Weekend Netflix/Redbox Movie Picks

Since I was pretty much out during the weekend being busy and sick. We watched alot of movies, both from Netflix and Redbox. Here is what I got from Netflix.

I was so happy when I got these from Netflix. My girls loved, loved, loved these movies. They had never seen "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" in it's entirety, they usually give it on T.V., but we usually miss it. They enjoyed it so much. They don't understand why Charlie Brown keeps getting rocks in his treat bag! There is also a bonus episode where Snoopy gets a magic book from the library and creates his own magic show. It's a must see.

I rented this one because my girls love musicals. I was so happy that they fell in love with this classic. My daughter Katarina is constantly singing "The Boy Next Door" and "The Trolley Song" by Judy Garland. They were fascinated by the way that people lived in those times. How all the women were always so perfectly dressed and how their hair was so nice and made up. It was wonderful sharing these movies with them as I grew up watching them myself with my mom.

Now, here is what we got from Redbox. Thanks to the Redbox code I posted the other day, the one that expires on the 23rd of this month, I was able to one of these movies for free.

The girls had been asking and asking me for this one. It was going to take too long to come from Netflix, so we found it at the Redbox and got it for them. It was a great movie. If you have ever seen the Beach Movies with Frankie & Annette then you will love this movie. They even dedicated it to Annette Funnicello. It's the Beach Movies and West Side Story rolled into one. We enjoyed it.

This was a great movie. Everything about it was great. You will never believe the ending. I was not expecting it to be as great as it was. I especially loved Woody Harrelson, he is getting better and better with each movie he does.

Hollywood stars playing themselves was great to watch. Apparently, the apocalype has come and they all struggle to survive inside James Franco's new house. It kind of dragged a little bit in the middle but it was very funny. I loved it when Emma Watson shows up, she steps away from her Hermonie character and cusses! OMG! If you love all these actors you will love this movie.

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