Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Our Movies of the Week

Every week I will be sharing our Netflix/Redbox Movie picks with you. We love to watch movies and t.v. shows at our house and alot of times we fall in love with movies that we hadn't heard of. So I would love to share with you our movie picks and hope you will share your favorite movies and shows with me as well.

Our family has a monthly subscription to Netflix, which we absolutely love! At the moment we don't have cable and don't plan to until later this year when our finances get into better shape. So, we have been watching movies and shows that we get from Netflix (don't have the streaming plan, to expensive at the moment). I love getting things in the mail and this is one of those things that I can't wait to see in my mailbox, because it means family time and sharing movies and shows that I used to watch when I was young and movies that me and my husband used to watch when we were dating. I come from a very musical family and lately all of the movies that we have been watching have been musicals. My girls can't get enough of those, here is what we are watching this week.

Netflix Movies of the Week:


This was not a difficult choice for us. Selena was a big part of the Rio Grande Valley and when she was taken it was a huge loss. Since the arrival of Disney Star, Selena Gomez, who mentions alot that she was named after Selena, our girls kept asking us who the real Selena was, while we tried to introduce the music before, they weren't having it, because it was in spanish and they didn't understand it, according to them. So, we decided the best way to introduce the music was to rent the movie and so they could understand who she was and what she meant to us. After they saw they movie, Katarina was the one who really comprehended what happend and was actually crying at the end, Hailey had to have it explained to her. Not only has this changed thier lives (literally), they cannot get enough of the music, they want to go to Corpus Christi and visit her grave, they want to visit the museum and they want to be singers like her, because, according to them "she was one of us", she followed her dream. So, I recommend this movie to watch with your kids, introduce the music, introduce the woman, and keep her legacy alive.


What can I say? John Travolta as "Edna Turnblad"? Classic! The best musical in a long time. Great story, great music. Powerful messages of equality and unity is not to be ignored. This had my girls asking me questions about segregation. Not only is this a great musical to watch, it can also be a teaching tool as well.

We hadn't seen this one, so we decided to put it on our list.

So, this is our Netflix Movies of the Week, we try to get away from the everyday and just relax with a good movie, pop a little popcorn, make some nachos and gather around the T.V.

What are your Netflix/Redbox Movie Picks? Seen anything new? Movies that you have seen that maybe others have not seen? Let me hear you!

(I promise my post won't be this long next time)! LOL

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