Friday, October 11, 2013

CWC: Eating at Stripes

Ok, ok, so you are probably saying to yourself "Molly, you have not cooked with your coupons, you are only showing what you are eating with your coupons". Well, I think it's the same thing. Since lunch time is where you probably spend the most money because you are working and don't know what to eat, then coupons come in handy.

I work within walking distance to a Stripes Store. If you have a Stripes where you live, then you know how great the food is. One of the ways that I have been able to save on my work lunches is with Stripes coupons. Yes, Stripes has their own coupons. Where do I get them? I get them from my local credit union. I have an account with them and they send me the coupons with my bank statement, my husband has account there also and he gets one too, then he has another account at another credit union and gets them from that one as well. That's alot of coupons! Here is what they sent me this month

Great coupons right? Of course they are.

Now, the other day I was in a rush and forgot to bring my lunch, so I decided to walk to the Stripes with my coupons and get lunch, very inexpensive. Now, I walk to the store because it literally does not take me that long to get there, I have to use the cross-walk. If you are going to do this, then make sure you obey and observe all cross-walk signs, walk when the light tells you to and always look both ways before crossing.

As you can see from the coupons there is alot of free stuff, so here is what I had for lunch on Tuesday

Two lunch tacos, chicken and beef and a 32oz. drink. I used the "Free 32.oz Drink" and "Buy One Lunch Taco get the 2nd Taco Free"!

Yummy, the lunch tacos are $1.99 each, so in other words, I got two for the price of one and a free drink. You have to do this in two transactions. I only paid $2.15 for the taco. I didn't waste my gas and I didn't pay $1.25 for a 20oz drink at our Coke machine at work either. Now that is a great savings, in my opinion.

So there you have it, an awesome, free and frugal lunch. If you have a Stripes near you, you can also like their Facebook page and every Monday check out their Prize Cooler. They put coupons there as well.

What coupons have you used to save on lunch and family dinners?

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